Fort Desoto is one of the most treasured destinations in Florida drawing visitors from all around the world. It has a Spanish American War Fort, 2 fishing piers, camp grounds, picnic areas, pristine beaches, bike and kayak rentals and some of the most beautiful untouched natural settings on the West Coast of Florida.​ More information can be found at 

Tampa is home to the Bro Bowl, one of the last remaining skateparks built during skateboarding’s “Golden Era” in the 1970s. It opened in 1979 and was constructed by Tampa Parks and Recreation. It was the first public skatepark to be constructed in Florida and the third on the East Coast.[citation needed]

Vermieter-Kommentar: James and Emily: we could not ask for better guests. We are delighted you enjoyed your stay at our vacation home and Tarpon Springs area. Thank you very much for taking the time to write a review. We sincerely appreciate it and hope to see your lovely family again in the future. Stephen and Annica

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Rodman Reservoir is legendary for the number of trophy Florida bass it has produced over the years ever since it was created. It is consistently ranked in popular fishing magazines as one of the top ten best bass lakes in the country. Rodman’s waters, located southwest of Palatka, cover … [Read More…]

The Tampa area is home to a number of museums that cover a wide array of subjects and studies. These include the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI), which has several floors of science-related exhibits plus the only domed IMAX theater in Florida and a planetarium; the Tampa Museum of Art; the USF Contemporary Art Museum; the Tampa Bay History Center; the Tampa Firefighters Museum; the Henry B. Plant Museum; and Ybor City Museum State Park. Permanently docked in downtown’s Channel District is the SS American Victory, a former World War II Victory ship which is now used as a museum ship.

The Skyway Fishing Pier State Park: Located at the mouth of Tampa Bay on a structure that was once a bridge, the twin Skyway Fishing Piers are probably the most productive land-based fishing spots in the state. If it swims in the Gulf of Mexico, sooner or later it will pass beneath your dangling line.

Took my boys 8&4 fishing with Steve and it was amazing. Steve was very knowledgable on everything. He interacted great with the kids. He always had a line in the water for the kids and help them the whole time. My 8 year old caught 20 fish while my 4 year old caught 10. Very productive during our 3 hr tour.

Tampa grew considerably as a result of World War II. Prior to the United States’ involvement in the conflict, construction began on MacDill Field, which served as a main base for Army Air Corps and later Army Air Forces operations just before and during World War II, with multiple auxiliary airfields around the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties. At the end of the war, MacDill remained as an active military installation, while the auxiliary fields reverted to civilian control. Two of these auxiliary fields would later become the present-day Tampa International Airport and St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport. With the establishment of an independent U.S. Air Force in 1947, MacDill Field became MacDill Air Force Base.

ST. PETERSBURG — St. Petersburg’s Saturday Morning Market will be moved to Williams Park, 350 Second Ave. N, on Saturday as the city finalizes preparations for the March 9-11 Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Market hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The market …

Nördlicher Kleiner Belt (107-111): Im strömungsreichen Kleinen Belt gibt es viele Möglichkeiten. Strib Fyr (Platz 109) und Gals Klint (Platz 107) sind die bekanntesten, aber Røjle Klint und Stavrs Hoved (Plätze 110  und 111) sind auch sehr gut.

Der kürzere Itter-Arm ist nach dem gleichnamigen Fluss benannt, der oberhalb von Kotthausen in den künstlichen See mündet. Dieser Mündungsbereich allerdings ist als Schongebiet ausgewiesen und darf aus diesem Grund nicht beangelt werden. Direkt unterhalb dieses Naturschutzgebiets kann man im Mai und Juni gute Hechte und Zander sowie den ganzen Sommer über Aale erbeuten.

Ferienwohnungen in KissimmeeFerienwohnungen in OrlandoFerienwohnungen in DavenportFerienwohnungen in SarasotaFerienwohnungen in MontecitoFerienwohnungen in Pensacola BeachFerienwohnungen in Desert Hot SpringsBrisbaneNewburyportHartsdaleSt PetersburgLake Oswego

“There is a need for what Florida Funders hopes to do in connecting more sophisticated investors to startups with less than $1 million in sales,” Chitester says. His goal: to keep more entrepreneurs in the state.

Jump up ^ “St. Petersburg, FL: St. Petersburg-Clearwater International (PIE)”. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), U.S. Department of Transportation. July 2014. Retrieved July 21, 2014.

Tampa has several freeways which serve the city. There are two tolled freeways bringing traffic in and out of Tampa. The Lee Roy Selmon Expressway (SR 618) (formerly known as the Crosstown Expressway), runs from suburban Brandon at its eastern terminus, through Downtown Tampa, to the neighborhoods in South Tampa (near MacDill Air Force Base) at its western terminus. The Veterans Expressway (SR 589), meanwhile connects Tampa International Airport and the bay bridges to the northwestern suburbs of Carrollwood, Northdale, Westchase, Citrus Park, Cheval, and Lutz, before continuing north as the Suncoast Parkway into Pasco and Hernando counties.

Since Tampa was still a small town at the time (population less than 5,000), Ybor built hundreds of small houses around his factory to accommodate the immediate influx of mainly Cuban and Spanish cigar workers. Ybor City’s factories rolled their first cigars in 1886, and many different cigar manufacturers moved their operations to town in ensuing years. Many Italian and a few eastern European Jewish immigrants arrived starting in the late 1880s, opening businesses and shops that catered to cigar workers. By 1900, over 10,000 immigrants had moved to the neighborhood. Several thousand more Cuban immigrants built West Tampa, another cigar-centric suburb founded a few years later by Hugh MacFarlane. Between them, two “Latin” communities combined to exponentially expand Tampa’s population, economic base, and tax revenues, as Tampa became the “Cigar Capital of the World”.[46]

Jump up ^ “Zagat Survey Releases Global Airlines Survey Covering 84 Airlines and 46 Major Airports”, November 20, 2007. Archived January 4, 2010, at the Wayback Machine. Zagat Survey.. Retrieved January 28, 2010.

“Just stumbled upon your website and thought I’d send you a shout out. The site is marvelous. My girlfriend and I are paying a visit to Sarasota. It’s one thing to hear good things on the Travel Channel; it’s another to hear from a real person with real opinions. Thanks for all the info!” — Brad, Michigan, US

There was LOTS to do in the Tarpon Springs area. Our family visited beaches…Fred Howard Park Beach ( 5 minutes from the house) and Honeymoon Island Beach (30 minutes from the house) were our favourites; went to ball games at Duneden (20 minutes from the house); enjoyed the new splash pad–especially the 3 year old (3 minutes from the house); went golfing (15 minutes from the house) and had fun exploring the Greek restaurants, Sponge Docks and shops in downtown Tarpon Springs (5 minutes from the house).

Discuss your desires and needs with your guide: Some charter services specialize in specific skill levels so make sure you mention your skill level and experience and if inexperienced anglers will be fishing. Also be sure to mention if small children or persons with special needs will be fishing.

It is hard to be a good fishing guide and also carry a full or part-time job, it’s almost impossible to regularly catch trophy size bass when you are getting used information from your friends. Our guides are on the water almost daily and guarantee more hours then any other guide service in Florida. Which means the money you are spending is being spent for the best guides available. We want to say to you “please do your home work”, Florida is a wonderful place to fish and unlike most guided trips that end at the dock we work hard at providing you a fishing experiences that last a lifetime.

“Had a great time today fishing with Captain Mark Rose!! Very knowledgeable and professional!! This man put me on fish!! I strongly recommend him!! Top of the line Equiptment too!! Thanks for an awesome trip Captain Mark!!”

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